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How Artificial Intelligence can be used in Contract Management?

Evidence uses Machine Learning and ArtificiaI Intelligence to extract important metrics to evaluate the contracts' conditions, by using key performance indicators.
Using our connectors to 3rd party services and APIs,
Evidence accesses all the metrics needed to maximise operational performance while mitigating risk.
Contract Creation
In this phase the contract is defined and formalized, starting from a pre-established template, containing technical requirements, cost evaluation, budget allocation and legal compliance.
EVIDENCE is a collaborative environment, based on parametric workflows where all the stakeholders build the contract sharing Conditions and Clauses.
Contract Risk Analysis
EVIDENCE can manage the Contract Risk Analysis issues, evaluating the definition of risk models on contracts based on the SLAs' deviation.
EVIDENCE can help you to answers to some business crytical questions like: "Which Contracts are impacted by a possible deviation in the performance of an SLA on a KPI?", or, if it is possible to predict such a deviation, "How much time is available to contain the deviation and mitigate the risk?".
Contract Execution
Contracts have a precise temporal validity for the Contract Execution and it is therefore necessary to correctly manage all the various deadlines and any renewals, to avoid impacts on the company business.
The Platform allows you to manage new versions of the contract through specific workflows that control the entire process (Creation, Performance Management, Expire / Renew).
Your Processes
Using our no code platform, you can create processes to generate Contracts and to define the KPI level alerts.
No code, no development, no customizations are needed, only configurations.
Service Level Management
Contracts between customers and suppliers are subject to compliance with stringent quality criteria, defined within the KPIs and agreed in specific SLAs (Service Level Agreements

Observability, allow your company to look at your Data


Can Interoperability expand your range vision?

EVIDENCE allows to keep historical data previously managed and provides by other systems.
EVIDENCE preserves the investments already made and constitutes an "accelerator" of the path of technological innovation and digitalization of the Contract Management process.
EVIDENCE is compatible with other legacy Contract Lifecycle Management Systems.
So it can support you on special needs with a continuity in existing processes, using portal based modern technologies that can implement processes aligned with international Best Practices.
Software as a Service
EVIDENCE supports a SaaS-based service delivery model, which allows you to not install local applications and access the services offered by a cloud-based platform via the Internet. Access to services is WEB type or via API (in the case of integration of 3p services).
With this model, customers do not have to face the investments (CapEx) necessary to set up the infrastructure and predict the cost of OpEx related to the management of the infrastructure, platforms and software.
Scale Faster
Saas approach can provide to your company the right performance and the right dimension for your needs and just in time for your company process. The level of service can be tailored to the size of your company and your supply chain.

Why a SaaS could give you an advantage?


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In the communication market, such as Service Providers, the business model is organized with a catalog of Services to be provided to customers.
The sold service must be compliant with the quality levels (SLA), which must be guaranteed according to the stipulated contract.


All Company in Consumer Package Goods market are involved in the production, logistics and distribution of goods and operates in an ecosystem of suppliers and customers who cooperate in an integrated way to manage the chain from production to consumption, respecting standards and quality levels.


Production Control has particular importance in this market, which is subject to stringent quality standards imposed by some authorities in each country due to the nature of the goods produced, which affect people's health. The reference IT standard is GAMP5, a methodological approach based on risk management for the operational validation of IT systems.


Digital Contract Management in the world of Finance is an enabling element of the Digital Transformation process necessary to meet the needs of providing Financial Services through modern digital channels. It is necessary to have tools that make these processes flexible and fast while maintaining the necessary guarantees of stability and reliability of the manual contract management processes.