What Alethes stands for?

Alethes is an ancient Greek word, which can be translated as “revelation”, “disclosure” or “truth“. The literal meaning of the word is: “the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident “.

We intend to apply the meaning of this word to the digital world, being that there is an enormous quantity of data that contains information not evident at first glance.

The nature of Alethes and the philosophy that inspires it resides in creating systems capable of finding the “hidden” information amongst the data.

Alethes is specialized in research and development of software technologies aimed at enabling digital security and data analytics platforms. It began its activity as an innovative start-up.

Alethes takes advantage of the many years of experience of the founding partners, Fausto Marti and Davide Arcuri, who have been operating for more than 25 years in the IT sector, in particular in the field of consulting and the design of highly complex information systems for companies in the large enterprise segment.

Fausto and Davide, gained experience on first at prestigious IT multinationals such as Finmeccanica and Italtel, and subsequently during their entrepreneurial experience at Quantis Srl, of which they are founding partners, have always pursued paths of applied innovation and creativity to information technologies.

About us...

Our Approach...

Alethes proposes itself as a qualified player for the development of digital platforms, following an innovative approach in data management.

This translates into the following common elements between all our solutions:

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to build predictive analysis algorithms
  • Open and standard interfaces for complete and simplified integration of our platforms with clients’ business processes
  • Content fruition interfaces that put the usability of applications and the user at the center of projects

Alethes is also an “incubator” of projects, thanks to the use of modern development paradigms and the selection of innovative technologies, it promotes the adoption of digital platforms – based on web technologies and Mobile APP – which provides a simple and intuitive experience, even for a non-specialized user.

Alethes proposes itself as the ideal partner for “data-driven companies“. At Alethes we are convinced that data management is the fundamental pillar on which our clients build their business strategies.
For this reason, we do not process data from a purely IT point of view but, in the founding spirit of Alethes, “the search for truth”,  we aim to support companies in deciphering numbers and making decisions based on data – on objective facts and not on first impressions.

We help our clients in the digital transformation process, providing them with the tools to spread this “data culture” throughout their business structure.
Thanks to the tools that Alethes provides, clients acquire control over the information that allows them to govern the future of their business.

Our Mission...

The constant availability of accurate and up-to-the-minute data is essential to respond promptly to changes in the market.
At Alethes we, therefore, believe it is necessary to introduce an additional level of data analysis, which allows the client to be able to think ahead – to identify, predict and govern the “latent” aspects in consumer processes and behaviors. All the platforms designed and developed by Alethes respond to these fundamental needs.