ALETHES is an innovative startup focused in Digital Security and Data Analytics software platforms R&D.
ALETHES is offering itself as a Customer Oriented incubator dedicated to development of digital platforms based on an innovative approach in data management.

ALETHES R&D and Development are based on common guideline:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning techniques for predictive analysis algorithms;
  • Open and standard interfaces to have complete and simple integration with business processes;
  • User-friendly of software interface

ALETHES is a data-driven company.
Data management is not only a technical factor, but the pillar to build our customers’ business strategy on.
We help our customers in the digital transformation journey
Our products are useful for spreading the data culture and taking the road to become in turn “data-driven company”


Our products are controlling over information, allow Customers to govern the future of their business, thanks to modern Artificial Intelligence techniques
The simple analysis of historical data series, which focuses attention on the past and offers final statistics, is no longer sufficient
It is necessary to introduce an additional level of data analysis
which allows you to think in terms of Predictive Analysis to identify, to predict, to govern the hidden phenomena in data’s processes and behaviors.

Commodity Sector

ICT (Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Information Technology, Research and Development)

  • Digital Security
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning
EVIDENCE is a Contract Performance Management (CPM) for the analysis of data relating to KPIs / SLAs defined as part of the Service Contracts between customer and supplier in Large Enterprise.
EVIDENCE is supporting the complete implementation of the SLM process and the end-to-end management of the life cycle of both business Contracts and KPIs (Contract & KPI Lifecycle Management), based on a catalog that allows assigning responsibility of single KPI to a specific user.
CYCLOPS is an IRM (Integrated Risk Management) Product. Business risk management (Digital Risk Management) linked to the obsolescence of Digital Assets.
Budget planning and control integrated into risk mitigation workflow.
WeAccess an Digital Identities Provisioning Product Platform providing end-to-end management of Digital Identities provisioning process in highly complex infrastructures
WeAccess is integrated with security management infrastructures (Firewall, VPN, Access Server) and with network technologies (Router, Balancers, Switch)