Evidence is a software platform designed according to the modern Best Practices of software development, with the use of the most recent technologies in the Web environment. It allows you to implement the CLM process in an end-to-end mode and ensure visibility and control of all the steps through graphical and configurable workflows.


Compared to other CLM solutions, Evidence offers the possibility of implementing, in an extremely flexible and configurable way, the entire Contract Performance Management process, with reference to international process modeling standards (ITIL). The processes from data collection through to the publication of reports, including the process of calculating and reporting SLAs, are fully automated.

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EVIDENCE allows you to coordinate, in a single platform, the needs of heterogeneous corporate structures, through the integration of the process control aspects typical of the management company functions (eg: Finance, Procurement) with the more technical criteria, relating to SLA measurement and approval processes.


EVIDENCE introduces methods of Data Analytics based on the concept of “Observability“, as it is able to take advantage of the exponential growth of the data collected for the purpose of managing the Contract Performance Management process.
The data already present in EVIDENCE become an asset to be valued in order to observe from different and completely new points of view on the performance of business processes.


EVIDENCE is a “smart” and innovative platform, able to support customers in making decisions based on complex and heterogeneous data.
To apply the Observability paradigm, Evidence uses solutions based on artificial intelligence, in particular it uses Machine Learning algorithms to build analytical models that can increase customer awareness and support them in strategic decisions.


Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Creation

In this phase the contract is defined and formalized, starting from a pre-established template, containing technical requirements, cost evaluation, budget allocation, verification of legal compliance. Evidence has a collaborative environment, based on parametric workflows in which the various stakeholders build the contract in a shared way, maintaining a separate but identifiable operational division for the different contractual elements.

Performance Mgmt

In Contractual Execution phase EVIDENCE can be probably the best way to identifying KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are the main characteristics of the contractual performance: they are generated comparing the expected values and the measured ones.
In this way it is possible to have objective indicators in terms of timeliness, flexibility, reliability, professionalism (service standards).

Lifecycle Mgmt

The contracts have a precise temporal validity and it is therefore necessary to correctly manage all the various deadlines and any renewals, to avoid impacts on the company business. The Platform allows you to manage new versions of the contract through specific workflows that control the entire process (Creation, Performance Management, Expire / Renew).

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